Ever fancied of enhancing the lusterless traditional walls with the beauty and charm of a slate or sandstone? Ever thought that it is as simple as a DIY process?

The answer to these questions lies in our relentless and eco- friendly efforts in excavating innovations out of natural stones. Catering to our customers with revolutionary natural stone materials has been central to our objective and in that effort; we bring to you our classically futuristic range of stone veneers, at almost a quarter of the price of contemporary wall claddings and décor materials.

Stone Veneer” – Evolved out of a natural stone and backed with a polymer composite, fiber or translucent backing, this two or three dimensional wallpaper is highly suitable for interior as well as exterior decorations and claddings.

We bring to you an exquisite collection of over 45 different types of stone wallpapers in the form of stone veneers that are not only crafty and royal, but also extremely easy to do it yourself.

Why Choose a Stone Veneer?

Being uprooted from natural stones (slate, sandstone, quartzite and marble), they are highly durable and possess significant strength.

Stone veneers are very easy to handle, maintain and transport as an individual sheet hardly weighs 1.3 kg – 1.8 kg.

They are a paramount solution for your leakage problems and moist walls, over traditional paints as they are weather and moisture resistant.

The versatility of multiple different backings gives them a property of being flexible up to any desired extent (you can even manufacture garments from veneer sheets!).

The characteristic of being ultra thin, of nearly just 2 mm is a vital factor in the weight of stone veneers, as discussed above.

They are extremely easy to work with, right from cutting to size until installation as no special tools are required for them.

Heat resistance, shock resistant and non- absorbing properties are some few other benefits that make these products more desirable than any other.

They are the best solution if you’re planning to increase your home equity without compromising on the seamless beauty that you desire. As said, they cost as much a quarter of traditional décor materials.

Now that is smart savings, isn’t it?